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Friends Bulletin - November 2003

Table of Contents

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Editorial: Learning How to Listen Anthony Manousos 2
Journey of a Quaker Activist Mystic Anthony Manousos 3
Compassionate Listening: First Step to Reconciliation? 4
Learning to Listen to the Intimate God Herb Dimock 6
Overcoming the Fear Factory 8
A Peace Pole Project Lucy McIver 11
Examining Our Relationships with Money Jean Triol, Lucretia Humphrey 12
A Quake Economist Looks at Tax Cuts Jack Powelson 13
What Western Friends Are Doing to Promote Peace Nancy M. Yarnall 14
Santa Barbara Friends Propose Priorities for Friends Committee on National Legislation 16
Boise Valley Friends Oppose the Patriot Act 17
Memorial Minutes 18
Confusion (Poem) Martin Cobin 19
The Children Come to Meeting (Poem) Bobbi Kendig 19
Classifieds 20