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Friends Bulletin - November 2001

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Table of Contents

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From the Editor: Carrying a Torch in the Darkness Anthony Manousos 2
How can we respond to Terrorism as Friends? Gene Knudsen Hoffman 3
Free Pamphlets on Compassionate Listening and Cooperative Communication 3
What you and your Meeting can do to Promote Peace 5
Pray for Peace No More Victims! 5
It's my American Flag, too 5
Letter from the Clerk of Southern California Quarterly Meeting 5
El Salvador Earthquake Relief T-Shirts 6
Tributes to Jim Corbett: Friend of the Desert and the Strangers Among Us 7
Jim Corbett: In His Own Words 11
Pacific Yearly Meeting in Pictures 12
Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistles and Action Minutes 14
News of Friends Arly Helm 15
Western Friends International Work: Guatemalan Friends Meeting Helps Guatemalans Help Others 16
Worship Sharing at Yearly Meeting Stanford Searl 17
Thanksgiving Poem (Poem) Tina Tau McMahan 18
Kindred Spirits: stories-passions-portraits from the heart of community (Book Review) 19
A Little Journal of Devotions Out of Quaker Worship: an experiment with 104 entries across two thousand miles (Book Review) 19
Twillinger's Voyage (Book Review) 19
Memorial Minutes 19
Vital Statistics 21
Do Friends Believe in Angels? 21
Kudos to Meetings that Subscribe 75% of their Members 21
Advertisements 22
Pendle Hill: Frances McAllister 23
The Social Action-Witness Internships 23
Announcing Special New Introductory Rate for Meetings Make Friends Bulletin a Benefit of membership Subscribe 75% of Active Member Households 24