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Friends Bulletin - November 1966

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Table of Contents

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Friends and the Arts Virginia B. Harris 1
Psalm 152 (Poem) Dave Rich 1
They are not Cruel (Poem) Lincoln Taiz 1
Worship Tom Phillips 2
The Relevance of Art 3
Tocsin (Poem) Virginia B. Harris 4
Lament for the Moon (Poem) Peggy Pond Church 4
Two Haikus (Poem) Mitsugo Sakahara 4
a white moth (Poem) Mitch Dodd 4
Poems by Younger Friends 5
Sonnet to a Fence (Poem) Mary Holland 5
The Ecological Conscience (Poem) Herm Fitz 5
Sonnet (Poem) Craig Martin 5
Haiku (Poem) Meredith Yearsley 5
The Grass in the Field (Poem) Marion Reynolds 5
The Sea is his Temple (Poem) Carol Tozer 5
The Stubborn Pebble (Poem) Stephanie Ozanne 5
The Desert (Poem) Joan Harasta 5
One Little Bird (Poem) Philip Mulford 6
A Meditation on Gifts (Poem) 6
The Soft Autumn Sun (Poem) 6
Last Meeting (Poem) Philip Gray 7
Highness-Glory Be! (Poem) Priscilla Maynard 7
Mustard is Precious (Poem) Ruth Thompson 7
Red Light at an Empty Cross Street (Poem) Ferner Nuhn 8
Quakers can be Artists 8
Under Squaw Peak (Photograph) Harry Stamler 9
A Song of David (Sheet Music) Ned Rorem 10
Cold Front Painting Ben Norris 12
Chinese Sumi Brush Painting Rosalie Pizzo-Strain 13
Cartoon Jake Brown 14
Ink drawing Bob Newick 14
Class in Flower Arranging (Photograph) 14
Class in Wood Carving (Photograph) 14
Night Ship Colombe Leinau Langton 15
So Lately from the Law (Poem) Lynn MacMichael 16
Homage to Earle and Barbara Reynolds (Poem) 16
He Remembers that we are Dust (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 16
Another Spring? (Poem) Elizabeth S. Fawcett 16
Friends and the Arts Ben Norris 18
From Creative Dance to Creative Silence Emily H. Burns 18
Two for the Show or It's a Dog's Life to be a Woman (Poem) Peggy Spear 19
Experiments in Creativity Barbara Yarnall 19
Cinquain for Our Time (Poem) 19
The Meetings and the Arts 19
The Meetings and the Arts 20