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Friends Bulletin - May 2008

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Table of Contents

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Editorial: From the Palm Sunday Peace Parade to Peacemaking Among the Redwoods Anthony Manousos 2
New Directors at Ben Lomond Quaker Center: Jacob and Gretta Stone Not Too Serious Friends 3
Teaching Quaker Values at the San Franicsco Friends School Chris Mohr 6
Friends Western School in Pasadena Anthony Manousos 7
Kaleidoscope of Activiites: The Wellsprings Friends School Portland Oregon Dennis Hoerner 8
Friendly Responses 8
What Does Service Have to Do with Being Quaker? Barbara Luetke, Mike Gray 10
Brothers on the Trail (Poem) Harold Carson 11
The Woolman Semester: Studies in Peace-Social Justice and Sustainability for Teens 12
An Engaged Learning Enviroment Shana Maziarz 12
Transformation on the Trail Alison Mohr 12
Somebody's Got to Do It-and It Might as Well Be Me Bryan Runyan 13
A Dream of Teaching Jessica Castleberry 14
A Win-Win Situation Sophie Brinker 14
Becoming Hope Samantha Johnson 15
God (Poem) 15
Are We Willing to Hear Our Enemy? Listening to Iranian President Mahoud Ahmadinejad Margery Post Abbott, Jim Cason 16
Walking for a Sustainable Peaceable World Lisa Down 18
Memorial Minutes 20
Call to North Pacific Yearly Meeting: Answering to that of God in Everyone Joe Franko 22
Calendar 22
Classifieds 22