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Friends Bulletin - March 2008

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Table of Contents

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Editorial: Walking in the Light Anthony Manousos 2
Coming out for Christ: the Spiritual Journey of Joe Franko 3
Peace for Earth Walk Ruah Swennerfelt, Louis Cox 8
Are We Ready to Refuse to Pay for War and Accept the Consequences? Peg Morton 11
Withhold from War Pay for Peace 2008 War Tax Boycott 11
Right Sharing of World Resources (Advertisement) 11
Quaker House (Advertisement) 11
Pilgrimage for Peace from France Brandon Wilson 12
Matters of Great Importance Don Elton Smith 14
Innernet Revelations Alicia Adams 16
A Night at Friends House to Honor Marie Schutz Librarian Extraordinaire Margaret Peck 18
Friends Fiduciary Corporation (Advertisement) 19
Memorial Minutes 20
The Pacific Southwest Regional Office of the American Friends Service Committee: Lighting the Way Forward: AFSC's Next 90 Years 20
Books for Your Book Group (Advertisement) 21
Are you Ready for a Change?-Renaming of Friends Bulletin to Western Friend 22
Classifieds 22
Calendar 23
The Summer at Pendle Hill (Advertisement) 24