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Friends Bulletin - March 2004

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Editorial: Hopeful Signs for Our Future Anthony Manousos 2
The 2006 Western FGC Gathering of Friends What Will It Mean For Friends in the West and the Rest of North America? Interview with Bruce Birchard and Margaret Sorrell 3
Centering Down at Pendle Hill... Kitty Ufford-Chase 6
Travels with Eric: A Road Trip with Brinton Visitor Eric Moon Nancy M. Yarnall 7
George Fox's Attitude Towards War Charlotte Williams 9
Spiritual Hunger Stephen Pope 11
Utah Friends Focus on Immigration at their Winter Gathering Cindy Yurth 12
Arizona Friends Hold Vigil at Border Marybeth Webster 13
Appeal from Friends at the Border Judy Plank 13
Arizona Friends Community Marybeth Webster 14
Promoting Peace in the Middle East Through Magic Meera Shanti 15
Original Seeking and the Voyage of Self Discovery David H. Albert 17
Memorial Minutes 19
Healing Israel/Palestine: A Path to Peace and Reconciliation (Book Review) 20
Classifieds 21
Calendar Items 21