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Friends Bulletin - March 1942

Table of Contents

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An Epistle-From the Pacific Coast Association of Friends held at Quaker Cove Mabel Pound Adams 1
Conference at Cazadero Camp 1
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Association of Frineds Mabel Pound Adams 2
Officiers of the Pacific Coast Association 3
Editorial Notices 3
Pacific Coast Branch of the American Friends Service Committee 4
Iowa Yearly Meeting 4
Buy Books and Devote the Proceeds to Worthy Causes 5
News Notes-Riverside 5
Los Angeles 6
Claremont 6
Pasadena-Orange Grove Meeting 6
Pasadena-Villa Street Meeting 6
A letter from Puget Sound Friends Ruth Schmoe 6
Willamette Valley Association Robert H. Dann 7
San Francisco Clara Brown 7
Berkeley 7
Sacramento 7
Palo Alto 7
San Jose 7
Friends and the Japanese Problem on the West Coast 8