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Friends Bulletin - March 1931

Table of Contents

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Louise C. Jones Memorial Herbert C. Jones 1
Charles E. Cox: In Memoriam Walter E. Vail 4
Morris Williams: An Appreciation Augustus T. Murray 5
A Very Penetraing Apprection of a Friends Meeting Theophilus Allen 5
College Park Semi-Annual 6
Eleventh Month 1st 1930 6
San Jose Notes 6
The Presence in the Midst (Poem) Dana Thomas 7
Berkeley Notes 7
Palo Alto Notes 7
A New Meeting House Frederick Anderson, J. Murray Luck, Augustus T. Murray, Jessie Dunter Winterhorn 7
Los Gatos Gethering of Friends 8
The Yosmite Meeting 8
Friendly Gathering at Fresno 8
Colorado Springs Herbert J. Mott, Mary Evans Dickenson 8
A visit to Folsom Prison 9
The Mooney Concern 9
After Hearing Rufus Jones Speak on the Cultivation of Inner Sources of Power Sidney Strong 9
From Jon R. Weske 9
Gandhi Letters Glenora Yates 9
Riverside Friends Association 10
Bulletin Notes 10
Do we need a Pacific Yearly Meeting? Howard H. Brinton 10
Publishing Committee 11
Conference of Pacific Coast Independent Meetings planned 11
Directoy of United Meeting 11