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Friends Bulletin - June 2007

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Editorial: Hollywood, History and Friends Anthony Manousos 2
Jessamyn West and the Making of the Classic Quaker Movie Friendly Persuasion Joseph Dmohowski 3
Orange Grove Meeting Centennial Celebration 5
Waterfalls: A Quaker Trees Summer Camp Story Tom Farley 7
Woolman Semester Scholarships Recognize Sullivans' Youth Camp Work 9
Quaker Camping Experiences and the Woolman Semester 9
An Interview with Linda Seger Author of Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Republicans Don't have a corner on Christ 10
How Blessed it is For the Sisters to Meet: Historical Roots of the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference Part 2 Pamela Calvert 12
Pacific Yearly Meeting Unity with Nature Committee 17
Marin Monthly Meeting Approves Minute on Global Warming 18
Annual Report from the Board of Friends Bulletin 19
Calls to Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings 20
Calendar 22
Classifieds 22