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Friends Bulletin - June 2004

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Twice Married to Each Other An Interview with Katherine Jaramillo and Jessica Bucciarelli 3
My Brother the Quaker Gets Married•_É Karen McGill Lawson 4
Seattle Friend is Lead Plaintiff in Marriage Equality Lawsuit Celia Castle 5
Heterosexual Friends Express Support for Same-Sex Couples Brynnen L. Ford 6
Married Under Care of the Meeting and in the Eyes of the State 7
Friendly Same-Sex Couples Reflect on Weddings and Marriage 10
Wilamette Quarterly Meeting Explores the Problem of Anti-Semitism Anthony Manousos 12
Quakers United in Publishing (QUIP) Spread the Word Lucy Duncan 13
News of Western Friends 14
Friends Bulletin's Annual Report to Yearly Meetings Summer 2004 16
Memorial Minutes 16
Five ways to get Quaker voices heard in this election year... Ruth Frazer 18
Call to Yearly Meetings 2004 19
Friendly Responses 20
Woolman Semester Students Work for Change 20
Classifieds 21
Calendar Items 21