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Friends Bulletin - June 2003

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Table of Contents

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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting in Pictures Asia Bennett 13
From the Editor: Traveling in the Light•_É Anthony Manousos 2
A Friend's Journey through Buddhism Jon Prescott 3
Dancing in the Light: A Quaker Approach to Islam and Other Faiths Anthony Manousos 5
Islam from a Quaker Perspective (Book Review) Lois Barton 6
Laying Down Their Lives to Save Trees in India David H. Albert 7
Gaura Devi Saves the Trees David H. Albert 9
Friendly News 10
Letters to the Editor 11
Directory Update 11
Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting Report Asia Bennett 13
News of Montana Friends 14
A Friend Reflects on Veterans Day Frank Monkman 15
Pacifist at a Funeral Judith Favor 15
Prayer for Peace Helen Park 16
Memorial Minutes 17
Memorial Service (Poem) 18
The Blessings of Attending Annual Session in Montana 18
Yearly Meeting Information 20
Classified 20