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Friends Bulletin - June 1979

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Table of Contents

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Letter from the Editor Shirley Ruth 146
Changes for Chico Lowell Tozer 146
PYM Meeting Tentative Schedule 147
No More Walls-The Case for Alternatives to Prisons Patrick Dunleavy, Susanne Schmidt 148
Korean Report-Part II Akie Reynolds, Earle Reynolds 150
Procedures for PYM Interest Group Requests Micki Graham 155
FCL Plans 'New-Fashioned' Fourth of July Kendra Fleagle Gorlitsky 155
Dear Children Coming to PYM 156
FWCC Slides-George Fox 156
FWCC Triennial in Switzerland Van Ernst 157
Report of Spring Session of Pacific North-west Quarterly Meeting Sandra Heindsmann 157
PYM Peace Committee Report 157
Letter Paul Elliot 158
FCL Seeks Legislative Advocate 158
Two Staff Openings for AFSC 158
Memorial Minute-John Smathers 158
The Quaker Meeting and Its Children (Book Review) Meta Ruth Ferguson 159
Friends in Schools Committee Report 160
Annual Conference of the West Coast Quaker Association Elaine Amoruso 160
News of the Meetings 161
Vital Statistics 163
A Caution to Hot Air Balloonists 163
Input Sought on Idea of Western Gathering of Friends 164