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Friends Bulletin - June 1943

Table of Contents

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Grass Roots Reconstruction 1
PCAF Meeting in Pasadena 1
How About It? Prayer After Yearly Meeting 2
Two of Ours (obituaries) 2
The Sinner (Poem) Earl Kepler 2
Someone Has Said La Roy Seaver 2
The importance of the Small Meeting Kenneth E. Boulding 3
Grass Roots Reconstruction 3
A Sociological View of Human Nature Robert H. Dann 4
The Expansions of Europe and some of its Consequences Sceva B. Laughlin 5
Who Speaks of Souls (Poem) Russ Eddy 5
Pacific Coast Members of Wider Quaker Fellowship 6
CPAS Detached Service in A Medical Unit 6
Directory of Pacific Coast Meetings for Worship 7
The Problem of Relocation Jean McKay 8
California Summer Projects 9
Los Angeles Work Camp 9
Whittier Institute 9
Frederick Sainty's Letter Frederick B. Sainty 10
Possible Latin-American Training Unit 11
The Novice (Poem) Tom Miller 11
Ellisforde Work Camp-Camp for High School Students and Older Young People 11
The Reconstrution of Human Attitudes to be Subject for Seattle Seminar 12
Seattle Friends Center Cottage 12
Calendar 12