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Friends Bulletin - July-August 2004

Table of Contents

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Editorial: Healing-Humor-The Truth That Sets us Free Anthony Manousos 2
Schlepping the Light A Talk by John Calvi John Calvi 3
Healing Prayer Claire Gorfinkel 6
When Spirits Come Calling - Evidence of Life after Death Sylvia Wright 7
News of Intermountain Friends Hal Wright 9
Intermountain Yearly Meeting Epistles 12
Intermountain Yearly Meeting in Pictures 12
A New Pearl Harbor? Unanswered Questions about the Events of September 11th 2001 Myron Chapman 14
A Full and Impartial Investigation of all Aspects of September 11th is Imperative Norman J. Pasche 15
Who Gave the Big Green Light to Terrorists on September 11th 2001 "LJ" Lanny Jay 15
The Bush Adminstration and the September 11th Attacks: Conspiracy or Failure to Heed Warnings? David Levering 17
Friendly Responses 18
An Open Letter to the White House and All Elected Officials Calling for Humane Treatment of Prisoners and the Rule of Law Robert Griswold 19
The Intrepid Quaker: Memoirs-Speeches and Writings of Stephen G. Cary (Book Review) 20
Witnessing (Poem) 20
Memorial Minutes 21
Calendar Items 22
Classifieds 22