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Friends Bulletin - July-August 2002

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Table of Contents

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From the Editor: The Conscience of Western Friends 2
Quaker Lobbyists in California and Beyond Steve Birdlebough 3
FCL Video Notes Ira Saletan 4
FCL Video Explores the Past Carole Lutness 5
Present and Future of Friendly Lobbying 5
Friends Committee on Washington State Public Polic-A Friendly Voice in Olympia 8
A Open Letter to A Washington State Senator Terry Thorsos 8
What Makes Enviromental Policy Quakerly? Reflections on the FCNL Enviromental Policy Discussion Karen Street 9
Friends Speak Truth to Power 11
Oregon Friend arrested in demo to close Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation Peg Morton 12
Embodying Spirituality as a Quaker Man Stanford Searl 14
The Pathan Unarmed (Book Review) 16
Sour Sweet Adversity into Creativity (Book Review) 16
Colbrookdale and the Darbys: The World's First Industrial Dynasty (Book Review) 16
Testimony: John Woolman on Today's Global Economy (Pamphlet Review) 16
Why I am Resigning as regional Director of the AFSC Pacific Southwest Regional Office? 18
Does Nonviolence Work in the Real World? Dan Levison 19
Does nonviolence work in the real world? project by Pima Meeting 19
Memorial Minutes 20
Calendar of Western Friends 21
Classifieds 21
Pendle Hill A Campaign for a New Century 22
Friends Bulletin on the Move 24