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Friends Bulletin - July-August 2000

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Table of Contents

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From the Editor: Websurfing, Serendipity and the Spirit Anthony Manousos 2
Authority and Discipline among Friends of Truth Robert Griswold 3
An Epistle to Suffering Friends in Affluenza Land Being some messages from that humble servant of the Lord George Fox Robert Griswold 5
George Fox: The Journal (Book Review) Nicholas Dewey 6
Walk Cheerfully (Poem) Martin Cobin 6
Western Friendly Women Mary Howarth 8
A Friendly Woman Sampler 9
Conversation (Poem) Jane Farmer 9
The Girls who Talk about Me (Poem) Amanda Amanti 9
Lighting Candles in the Dark: A New Adventure Anne Friend 10
Friendly News 11
Quakers Uniting in Publishing (QUIP) Meet at Twin Rocks Oregon 11
Friendly Responses 12
Some Quaker Websites Worth Surfing 12
Meeting of the Month Orange County Meeting 13
Yearly and Quarterly Meeting Calendar 13
Journey of Conscience to End the Death Penalty 15
Memorial Minutes 16
Pendle Hill A Campaign for a New Century 18
Advertisements 19
Floyd Schmoe, 104 years old presented with a copy of A Western Quaker Reader 20