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Friends Bulletin - July-August 1992

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Table of Contents

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Without Peace-There is No Justice: 153
Editorial: In the World-but not of the World Nancy M. Yarnall 154
Rick Saporito-Member of San Francisco Meeting 154
Without Peace-There is No Justice: Some Lessons from the Los Angeles Uprising Tony Henry 156
Ten Thousand Ways of Making Peace Elise Boulding 157
A Personal Peace Testimony 158
Celebrations Update Donna Bradley 160
Therefore Choose Life Robert Murphy 161
Unity (Poem) Martin Cobin 161
Memorial Minutes 162
News From Meetings 163
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Madeleine Cadbury Brown 163
Southern California Quarter Betsy Kahn 164
New Mexico Regional News 164
Evolving Patterns of Healthy Family Life Judy Brutz 164
Query on Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual People Rob Roy Woodman 166
Advertisements 167
From Rio to a Renewed Planet Claire Galbraith 167
Vital Statistics 167
Call to Pacific Yearly Meeting 1992 168