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Friends Bulletin - January 2008

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Table of Contents

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Editorial: Color Me Purple: When Graysville Started Quaking Anthony Manousos 2
The Power of Goodness: Using Literature and the Arts for Peace Anthony Manousos 3
Do Quakers Dream in Gray or Color? 6
Writing and the Spirit: An Interview with Peter Anderson 8
To a Truth Angel (Poem) Heidi Hart 9
The Language of Angels (Poem) David Feela 9
Life's Final Journey Susan Tweit 10
Leaving it Behind (Poem) Nancy Hedrick 11
Women (and Men) in Black Bisbee-Arizona (Poem) Judy Ray 11
Friends Celebrating Creation 12
The Committee Song (Poem) Gretta Stone 14
Silence (Poem) Ellie Huffman 15
Leading among Friends (Poem) Rosemary Coffey 15
Seven Sides of Silence (Poem) Stephen Palmquist 15
Finding my Way Home from Yearly Meeting (Poem) Kristina Sullivan 16
For David (Poem) Judy Ray 16
Words or Living (Poem) Gerald Haynes 17
A Drawing by Leonardo (Poem) John Harris 17
Right Sharing of Resources (Advertisement) 17
Quakers in Pastoral Care and Counseling: Grief Broadly Painted Conference (Advertisement) 17
New Books by Western Friends 18
Holding you in the Light Nancy Fuller 19
Good Stewardship Through Socially Responsible Investing and Planned Giving- Friends Fiduciary Corporation (Advertisement) 19
About Our Artists 20
Calendar 22
Classifieds 22
Come to Pendle Hill for Summer Term 24