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Friends Bulletin - January 2003

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Table of Contents

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From the Editor: Overcoming Racism and Becoming True Friends Anthony Manousos 2
Discovering Fellowship Among African American Friends Amhara Powell 3
Popcorn Meeting (Poem) 5
Pendle Hill Conference on Quakers and Racial Justice Rose Warner Lewis 6
Family's Pain Inspired Change Capi Lynn 6
Pendle Hill Focuses on Racial Justice 2002-2003 8
Epistle on Racial Justice 9
African Americans and Friends: A Relationship at Arm's Length Theo Mace 9
Understanding and Addressing the Causes of Suffering Sandy Perry 9
Friendly Responses 10
Lesbian Couple Accused of Torching Own Home in Montana Anthony Manousos 11
Open Letter Kay Whitlock 11
Reciprocal Ministry Between African and American Friends Cassilde Ntamamiro 13
Friendly News 15
State of the Meeting Reports from Montana 15
The Left Hand of Eden: Meditations on Nature and Human Nature (Book Review) 17
Inspiring Books for Children on the Theme of Community Kathy Knowlton 17
Meeting Quality People Melinda Glines 18
Memorial Minutes 18
Classifieds 21