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Friends Bulletin - January 2002

Table of Contents

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From the Editor Anthony Manousos 2
Practicing Hope: Remembering Robert Schutz in His Words and Ours Shirley Ruth 3
Friendly News and Views Olivia Barham 7
The Paradox of Pain and the Presence of God Kirsten Backstrom 9
Poems and Reflection: The Luminous One and The Missions 12
Supplement [Earlham School of Religion] 12
Principles (Poem) David Ray 13
Principles: A Commentary David Ray 14
Quiet Helpers Concludes Successful 'Run' at First Friends Whittier Claire Gorfinkel 14
Announcements 15
Flying Horse (Book Review) 16
Go and the Lord go with thee (Book Review) 16
Gold and Frakincense and Myrrh Stories (Book Review) 16
Memorial Minutes 16
Religion and Science: Some Views of Friends 18
The Future of John Woolman School 21
Advertisements 22
Pendle Hill Now Accepting Applications 23
Pray for Peace Bumper Sticker 24