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Friends Bulletin - January 1992

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Table of Contents

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Witnessing in Our Lives 73
Thoughts from the Editor Nancy M. Yarnall 74
Witnessing in our Lives: Introduction Karl Karlstrom 76
Desert Experience Diana Lee Hirschi 76
Friends Testimony in Daily Life Janet K. Cameron 77
Responding to the Calling Allen W. Stokes 79
When We Dream-We Become Whole Roger Weaver 80
Religious Education-Getting to Know You Martha Lindley 80
Marriage is about Love Rob Roy Woodman 81
Forum-Marriage is about Love and Marriage under the care of the Meeting-a response to Kit Glover Ann C. Stever 81
Nevada Nuclear Test Site Witness: Healing the Earth-Healing the Sky 82
How Friends are Helping the Russians Anthony Manousos 82
The Testimony of Integrity in the Religious society of Friends (Pamphlet #296) 83
Revision of Faith and Practice Jean Walton 83
Quaker Religious Thought-A Tercentenary Perspective on George Fox 83
Memorial Minutes 84
Announcements 85
Vital Statistics 85
Calendar 86
Advertisements 87
The Quaker United Nations Office Claire Galbraith 87