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Friends Bulletin - January 1978

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Table of Contents

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Cracks in the Quaker Egg? 57
Jung's Dogmatism (Letter) Harold Waterhouse 58
Toward an Editorial from the editor Robert R. Schutz 58
The Medium is the Message (Letter) Paul B. Johnson 59
Plain Dress: John Woolman's Hat Chris Laning 59
My Quaker Badge Lea Frey 60
Nurturing Workshop 60
AFSC Glasses Jack Powelson 61
On Simplicity Ben Norris 62
From Inside the Glass Doors (Book Review) Margaret Brooks 63
Quaker Comfort Floyd Schmoe 64
PYM Pome (Letter) Madge Seaver 64
Red Light in the Morning (Poem) 65
IMYM Theme (Letter) 65
A Glossary of Terms Paul L. Niebanck 66
News of the Meetings 67
Memorial-Herberto m. Stein 68
PYM Interim Committee Lowell Tozer 68
Flowering Quince (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 68