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Friends Bulletin - January 1954

Table of Contents

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Worship Nels Ferre 1
Migratory Bird's Eye View Peggy Pond Church 1
The Elder (Poem) 2
Quaker Leadership Grants 2
Conference on Civil Liberties 2
Pacific Oaks Offers Courses 2
Meetings of Pacific Yearly Meeting-Monthly Meetings-Subordinate Meetings-Other Meetings and Worship Groups 3
The General Picture 4
New Monthly Meeting 5
Quarterly Meetings 5
News From Our Meetings 5
Statisical Report Revised 6
Orange Grove Helps QuakerHilfe 6
From Oregon to Southern California 6
Houses for Korea 6
News From Here and There 6
All Seekers Become Unified 7
300 Years Out of Date? C. Doris White 7
Is Popularity a Blessing? Peter Guldbrandsen 7