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Friends Bulletin - January 1946

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Table of Contents

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A Pacific Coast Yearly Meeting of Friends Robert J. Leach 1
Fritz Kunkel Links Psychology and Christianity 1
Southern California Friends Fellowship Meets 2
Errata 3
Book of the Month 3
Divne Worship 3
Newsnotes-San Diego Joshua L. Bailey Jr. 4
Riverside Eubanks Carsner 4
Los Angeles 4
Pacific Oaks 4
Orange Grove-Pasadena 4
Villa Street-Pasadena Pliny Gregory 4
Claremont Hugh J. Hamilton 5
Palo Alto Mary M. G. Hansen 5
Berkeley Hannah R. Erksine 5
Elkton 5
Eugene Nancy Meyers 5
Corvallis 5
Portland 5
Seattle Tacoma 5
Kootenay Dorothy Graham Brown 5
Vancouver 5
Open Letter to Friends from the Montly Meeting at the Civilian Public Service Camp at Elkton 6