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Friends Bulletin - December 2007

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Editorial: American Friends Service Committee: Challenges and Inspiration Anthony Manousos 2
The American Friends Service Committee: Inspiring Justice and Peace for 65 years in the Western USA 3
Across Generations: 65 Years of Community, Compassion and Justice Isabel Garcia-Gonzales 4
Peace Building: Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of the War to Oregon 5
From Peace Education to Peace Building in the AFSC Pacific Mountain Region Stephen McNeil 7
Immigrant Rights 8
Supporting Farm Workers in the 'Fruit Basket of the World' Vic Yellowhawk White 9
Minute on New Sanctuary Movement 9
Welcoming the Stranger: Immigrant Rights on the Line 10
Healing Justice: TRANSforming Justice 11
Buried Alive: Solitary Confinement in Arizona's Prisons and Jails Eisha Mason 11
Justice that Heals and Liberates Laura Magnani 11
AFSC in the Western USA 12
Youth Work 14
An Open Letter from Mike Gray Coordinator of the AFSC-Intermountain Yearly Meeting Joint Service Project Mike Gray 14
Education for Liberation 15
Other Programs: AFSC in New Mexico Supports Sustainable Farming for Local Peoples 15
Hawaii Superferry 16
Arizona-Women Workers Project 16
An Overview of AFSC Work in the Pacific Northwest Since World War 2 16
Courage to Gather-2008 midwinter gathering(advertisement) 17
Seeing 'That of God' in Our Immigrant Neighbors: Immigration and Friends' Testimonies Danielle Short 18
Calendar 22
Classifieds 22
Spiritual Engagement: A Campaign to raise $200,000,000 24