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Friends Bulletin - December 1995

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Table of Contents

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Profiles in Peacemaking: 53
Calendar 68
Editorial Comments Nancy M. Yarnall 54
An Answer to Pan Tangible Peg Phillips 54
Christmas Poem (Poem) Ellie Mathews 55
Peace at Home, Peace Abroad: Peacemaking by Networking Elise Boulding 56
Working for Peace 57
One Approach to Peace Martin Cobin 58
International Nonviolent Accompaniment in Guatemala: One Experience that Cut Deep Peg Morton 59
Peacemaking as Paradox and Hope Tobin Marsh 60
Neighborhood House 61
Announcements 61
Peace Activism Experiences 62
New Mexico Friends and the Peace Testimony Charlotte Williams 63
Friendly News 64
Arizona Half Yearly Mary Lou Mills Coppock 64
Montana Gathering of Friends Jim Coates 64
Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting 65
A Message of Hope 65
Southern California Quarterly Meeting Bobbi Kendig 65
Memorial Minutes 66
Advertisements 67
Vital Statistics 67
Friends Committee on Unity with Nature Michael Moore 68
A Loving Response to Hostility Against Sexual Minorities 68