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Friends Bulletin - December 1978

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Table of Contents

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Tenaya Canyon (Poem) 53
Art as Pathway of the Spririt from the editor Shirley Ruth 54
Cold Winter night blown clean (Poem) 54
Paul and the Dragon: A Fairy Tale Jacques Barchilon 55
Annual Fall Family Retreat Girard Roscoe 57
Prayer (Poem) Betsy Dearborn 57
It was cold (Poem) Paul Jolly 58
The Moulting (Poem) Madge Seaver 58
On Entering my Own Church (Poem) Bonnie Wells 58
On Saving the World (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 58
Mother's Day Meeting (Poem) Marjorie Kellogg 59
Springtime (Poem) Eve Damus 59
What Happens in Meeting for Worship? 60
What is Your Opinion about Meeting? Why do you Come? 60
What will you Find on this Inner Trail 61
Holy Continuum (Poem) Mary B. Isely 62
The Peace Testimony in jazz (Poem) Anonymous 62
Friend in the Orient Committee Announcement 62
The Artist Talks to Herself (Poem) Mary Alice Steinhardt 63
On Visiting the Fluor Corporation About Its Role in South Africa (poem) Ann C. Stever 64
Wilamette Quarterly Meeting 64
The Silence (Poem) Beatrice R. Miller 65
Poem for my Desk (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 65
Arizona Half-Yearly Meeting Lou Jeanne Catlin 66
Alphabet Soup is cooking 66
Teachers Needed in Tokyo 66
Report of CPQM Committee 66
Children's Creative Response to Conflict Team to Visit CPQM 67
News of the Cyclone Project 67
Sebastopol Community 68
A Seattle Area Community Open 68
New Years Gathering of Western Young Frineds 69
Visitation Committee Request 69
Invitation to Creative Quakers 69
Caring for One Another (Book Review) 69
Letter Jon S. Greene 72
FCNL Internships 72
A Quartet of Quakers (Review) Myra Keen 72