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Friends Bulletin - April 2008

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Table of Contents

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Editorial: Living Plainly and Giving Abundantly Anthony Manousos 2
Interview with Catherine Whitmire author of Plain Living and Practicing Peace Angelina Conti 3
Seeking Unity: Discernment and Decision-Making in our Quaker Community Mary Klein 7
Friendly News Nancy McLauchlan 10
From Pakistan with Love Jim Shuman 12
Quaker-Supported Girls School for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan Elfie Shuman 13
Snapshots of Pakistans's Past and Future Jim Shuman, Elfie Shuman 14
Nurturing the Seed of Christ: An Epistle Brian Drayton 15
On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry (Book Review) Forrest Curo 17
Discovering God as Companion: Real Life Stories from What Canst Thou Say? (Book Review) Alicia Adams 17
A Place Where Sunflowers Grow (Book Review) 18
Memorial Minutes 19
Call to Intermountain Yearly Meeting 22
Calendar 22
Classifieds 22
Are you Ready for Change?--Western Friend Vision for the Future 24