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Friends Bulletin - April 1943

Table of Contents

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Relocation Hostel for Japanese-Americans 1
San Francisco Meeting Elizabeth Owen 1
Home (Poem) 1
Don't Let This Be a Southern California Friends Bulletin 2
News from Poston W.R.A Center Naomi Wood 2
Pasadena Meeting Febuary 20 2
Rain in Poston (Poem) 2
From the Brintons Anna Brinton 3
From London Wilfred Littleboy 3
Rural Lifers to Confer 3
W.R.A Center Directory 4
News Notes 4
C.P.S West Coast Directory 4
News Notes 5
Come One-Come all 5
Mills Institute of International Relations 5
Pattern for Now H. G. Rickerman 6
Registration for Women Ruane Scott 6
Minority Publications 6
Whittier Institute of International Relations 7
Kunkel and Coffin to Lead Peace Section Seminar 7
Trip to Seattle Eubanks Carsner 7
Seattle Friends 8
Wider Quaker Fellowship-Mt. Hollywood 8
Claremont Hugh J. Hamilton 8
Calendar 8