Dear Friends,

I’ve written a brief poem about children dying and how we can respond.

from Rick Ells, University Friends Meeting, Seattle, WA (6/9/2022)



by Rick Ells

My feelings are pulled down

by a love-thread to

a child knowing death

is about to come

The killer is intense

aiming and firing rapidly

working his way

across the classroom

No place to run

No place to hide

The barrel of the gun

turns his way

The sound and flash,

the child’s young body

being ripped through,

The sudden night

The thread pulls me

into that darkness

this is and was a child

a life only beginning

The children around me

now are even more precious

We must face the rage

and anger that threatens them

The love-thread is unbroken

Remaining within me

A guide waiting to lead us

In our tender, firm response