Listening in the Heart of Alabama


Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us for our "Listening in the Heart of Alabama" delegation this coming October 10-18.  

Using the peace-making philosophy and powerful tools of Quaker-inspired Compassionate Listening, we will build our skills of deep, empathic listening and speaking from our hearts even in difficult conversations; we will educate ourselves about the painful history of slavery and current realities of racial injustice in America; we will learn to engage in sincere self-reflection about our own biases, conscious and unconscious and we can bring the healing gift of Compassionate Listening.

We will visit a number of important sites in Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham and we will have the opportunity to listen to people who stand at different points on the social/political spectrum. The delegation is challenging, profoundly moving, in short, life-changing.

Click her for more details.

I hope you will be part of this genuine peace-making trip. Thank you.

from Yael Petretti, Compassionate Listening Project