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WF Podcast Two – José Santos Woss Interview

Authored by: José Santos Woss, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

In Episode 2 of our Western Friend Podcast, we bring you a conversation between José Santos Woss and the partners of Soul Force Ones, Jonathan Stoll and colin cole. José Santos Woss is the Director of Justice Reform for Friends Committee on National Legislation. He talks with Jon and colin about race, faith, and his work for social justice. 

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00           Intro
1:24           José as a Black, Quaker, Latino
6:13           Losing and finding faith
9:29           Language and identity
13:14         Cool, perseverance
17:57         Caste and colorism
23:19         Unlearning racism
26:29         Dearth of young Quakers, Black Quakers
29:50         Agnosticism, good works, salvation
35:37         Policy work to reform law enforcement
43:56         Local work for national change
47:52         Recharging, recentering
49:42         The Remix with Jon and colin: Meditation, nature, right relationship
1:10:33      Outro

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