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WF Podcast Twenty-Two – Martyrs for the Truth

Authored by: Bill Durland, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

In Episode 22 of the Western Friend Podcast, attorney, peace activist, author, educator, and former member of the Virginia State Legislature Bill Durland joined us for a wide-ranging conversation. Delving into the theme of "Martyrs for the Truth," Dr. Durland shares about his journey to Quakerism and pacifism, why more people aren’t standing up for justice today, his history as a civil rights attorney and peace activist, optimism for today,  even . . . breaking the law! You don’t want to miss it!  Click here to read Bill Duraland's article, "Martyrs for Conscience's Sake."

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

0:00        Introduction

1:38        On his motivations

3:34        On breaking the law

5:30        Why aren't more people standing up?

6:44        The military, pacifism, and peace

11:00      Jesus as son of man or son of God?

12:05      Does notion of "son of man" resonate?

16:15      On the idea of "sacrificing" for one's values

18:45      On potential threats and risks

21:41      On the notion of "martyr"

23:55      Speaking truth to power

25:40      Does one's purpose change?

28:19      On supporting and engaging youthful activists

30:32      On his time in the Virginia Legislature

34:26      On passing legislation

37:42     Outro

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Civic Engagement & Nonviolent Action