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WF Podcast Twenty-Three – Ecological Civilization

Authored by: Philip Clayton, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Episode 23 of the Western Friend Podcast features a conversation with teacher, speaker, author, scholar, and activist Philip Clayton. He is president of the Institute for Ecological Civilization ("EcoCiv") and the Institute for Postmodern Development of China.  On this Episode with community, he examines questions like: Is it simple to live simply? And just how complicated, or simple, it is to attain ecological civilization? 

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

00:00 -- introduction

1:30 -- What are “ecological civilization” and “EcoCiv”?

5:05 -- Quaker values and ecological civilization

8:50 -- Towards an ecological civilization

11:30 -- The business point-of-view

18:06 -- Counter-cultural practices and values of Friends

28:18 -- Why are Friends so slow to protect the planet?

33:28 -- About “truth to power” and partnering with industry

35:55 -- Mainline reform versus radical action

45:14 -- Individual change versus policy change

48:48 -- Potential patterns of global change . . . and local change

58:25 -- Closing comments

Click here to read Philip Clayton's article, "What Friends Can Bring."

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