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WF Podcast Ten – Michele Shields Interview

Authored by: Michele Shields, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

In Episode 10 of the Western Friend podcast, the hosts interview Michele Shields, Director of Spiritual Care Services Emerita, University of California San Francisco Medical Center. They talk about navigating the transitions that make up our lives. Michele is a member of Honolulu Friends Meeting and brings a wealth of experience to the question: How do we find meaning in the transitions of our lives? Click here to read Michele Shield's article in Western Friend about this topic.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00          Introduction

2:44          Supporting others in the dying process

7:49          Religion in the hospital

10:27        Three basic spiritual needs in dying

18:15        Recognizing another's spiritual needs

23:30        Effects of grief on our lives

29:35        Theological perspectives

36:18        Listening

39:58        Self-care for the care-giver

47:05        Supporting reconciliation

49:27        Remix - Jon and colin

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