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WF Podcast Sixteen – Gretchen Castle on Quakers and Democracy

Authored by: Jonathan Stoll, colin cole, Gretchen Castle

Episode 16 of the Western Friend Podcast features an interview with Gretchen Castle, Dean of Earlham School of Religion. She is also on the national steering committee of Quaker Call to Action, an invitation to a national dialogue about the urgent threats to our democracy and what's at stake.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

00:00          Introduction

01:30          On engaging in difficult conversations

05:23          The 4 Items of the Call to Action

08:44          On Truth

11:42          On celebrating difference and diversity

16:02          On Hope

22:48          Question and Answer session

23:08          Conversation Cafe

25:44          Engaging folks who are angry

31:11          On the polarization of the moment

35:20          On partisanship within Quakerism

38:33          Jon's classic pun

46:40          On preparing ourselves for what's to come

57:42          Outro

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Civic Engagement & Nonviolent Action , Community , Diversity, Equity, & Antiracism