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WF Podcast Seventeen – Frank Granshaw on Science for Justice

Authored by: Frank Granshaw, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Episode 17 of the Western Friend Podcast features an interview with Frank Granshaw, geologist, educator, and so much more. He shares about his experiences at the UN's climate change conferences, COP 27 being the most recent, his own journey within the field, and the nuances of faith and science. Click here to read Frank's article in Western Friend, "Mountain Time."

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

00:00   Intro

01:18   Introduction of Frank Granshaw

02:47   About COP27 & United Nations climate change treaties

11:10   Frank’s entry into work against climate change

13:37   Quaker Earthcare Witness

14:14   Frank’s virtual “portals” to the COPs

21:25   Science and faith in Frank’s life

31:50   Q&A – Proper relationship between rich and poor nations?

36:05   Q&A – Regional development versus global trade? 

41:05   Q&A – Craziness of resource depletion and economic growth?

45:25   Q&A – How to solve social aspects of the climate crisis?

48:05   Theology, geology, the Bible, truth

52:00   Outro

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