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WF Podcast Nineteen – Barbara Birch on Embodied Spirituality

Authored by: Barbara Birch, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Episode 19 of the Western Friend Podcast features a wide-ranging interview with Barbara Birch, "Elizabeth Fry & Embodied Spirituality." Barbara Barbara is a member of Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley, California. She discusses her research on Elizabeth Fry, embodied spirituality and its relevance to Quakers today, as well as Friendly 12-Step recovery. Click here to read Barbara's article in Western Friend, "Eilzabeth Gurney Fry: A Quaker Mess."

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

0:00     Introductions

01:42   Spirituality, disordered eathing, and Twelve-Step recovery

11:17   Honesty, reputation, Quaker history, Elizabeth Fry

15:00   Elizabeth Fry, alcohol and laudanum, hardships

20:07   Perfectionism, depression, healing experiences

25:57   Honesty, denial, Twelve-Step

27:27   Addictions

28:56   Jesus as a flawed human

31:41   Addiction and a meaningful life

35:00   Hiding imperfections, social media, Quaker judgyness

39:31   Researching Elizabeth Fry and other historic Friends

41:53   The refiner's fire

48:03   Research on Elizabeth Fry's psychology

50:21   Elizabeth Fry's work in prisons

53:28   Embodiment, spiritual embodiment

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