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WF Podcast Nine – Theresa Deibele Interview

Authored by: Theresa Deibele, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

In Episode 9 of the Western Friend podcast, the hosts speak with Theresa Deibele, treasurer of Multnomah Monthly Meeting (Porland, OR). The meeting spent a year searching for a bank that has values aligned with Quaker values, and Theresa talks about what the meeting learned during their journey toward an honorable bank. Click here to read Theresa Deibele's article in Western Friend about this topic.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

00:00   Introduction to this podcast

02:14   Capital, a tool for good and evil

05:46   Investing in community projects

10:07   Multnomah Monthly Meeting's decision to change banks

14:54   About credit unions

18:16   Diversity, equity, and inclusion

21:39   Trust-based philanthropy

23:59   Friends' responsibility to undo racism

26:14   Faith and vocation

31:10   Budgets and values

32:03   Jon and colin remix - First, capital and anti-capitalism

39:29   A multi-racial lens on fairness

41:55   Examining our biases during decisions

43:26   Benefits and harms created by banks

45:49   Benefits and harms created by capitalism

47:11   Mitigating systemic harm

48:09   Gut reactions thinking of money

50:01   The individualistic mindset

52:58   Outro

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