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WF Podcast Fourteen – PacYM Keynote Panel

Authored by: Marlene Coach-Eisenstein, Keith Runyan, Peni Hall, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Episode 14 of the Western Friend Podcast features the panel of keynote talks presented to Pacific Yearly Meeting in 2022. The theme of keynote panel was "Beloved Community." Marlene Coach-Eisenstein of Honolulu Meeting, Keith Runyan of Santa Cruz Meeting, and Peni Hall of Strawberry Creek Meeting explore questions of inclusion and welcome in Quaker community.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00     Introduction

1:17     Brief introduction by Laura Magnani, PacYM Presiding Clerk

1:49     Keynote Facilitator Diego Navarro

3:39     Intro to Marlene Coach-Eisenstein

4:50     Marlene Coach-Eisenstein Keynote

14:22   Intro to Keith Runyan

15:20   Keith Runyan Keynote

27:47   Intro to Peni Hall

28:32   Peni Hall Keynote

39:47   Outro

40:35   Bonus snippet - Marlene Coach-Eisenstein

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Community , Diversity, Equity, & Antiracism , Good Order in Quaker Meetings