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WF Podcast Eleven – Humphrey & Wingate Interview

Authored by: Lucretia Humphrey, Molly Wingate, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Episode 11 of the Western Friend Podcast features a conversation with two recent presiding clerks of Western yearly meetings, who discuss experiences and insights they have gained through decades of living as Quakers in "military towns" -- Colorado Springs, CO, and Great Falls, MT. Click here to read the article in Western Friend by these two authors about this topic.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00          Introduction

1:26          Expanding on their WF May/June 22 article

4:50          On Belonging

12:20        Challenges of living/working in military communities

19:35        The military’s impact on all aspects of a city

25:30        Ignoring the warheads around us

30:25        Doing good work in tough situations

34:02        Tools for healing

35:33        Leading with love vs anger

38:42        Beginning of Q and A

40:22        Experiencing aggression as a pacifist

44:05        What was it like for kids, and raising kids?

52:02        On processing the war in Ukraine

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