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WF Podcast Eighteen – Barbara Phillps on Botany Endangered

Authored by: Barbara Goodrich Phillips, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Episode 18 of the Western Friend Podcast features an interview with Barbara Phillips, a lifetime botanist and a member of Flagstaff Friends Meeting. Barbara discusses her life-long fascination with the outdoors, what it means to be a botanist, and some of the challenges facing us and the planet in these complex times. Click here to read Barbara's article in Western Friend, "Botany on an Endangered Planet."

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

0:00   Introduction

01:14   On being a botanist

03:44   What botanists do

08:29   On change in the field

13:43   Does our work matter?

18:18   The importance of botany

21:25   Optimism

30:32   Quakers and connecting with nature

35:16   Being a part, not apart

38:24   Our interconnectedness

41:39   Quakerism and slowing down

46:39   Outro

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Ecology & Climate , Health & Family , Integrity