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WF Podcast Eight – Paula Palmer Interview

Authored by: Paula Palmer, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

In Episode 8 of the Western Friend podcast, the hosts speak with sociologist, writer, and activist Paula Palmer. A Friend from Boulder Meeting in Colorado, Paula co-coordinates “Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples,” a program of Friends Peace Teams, with her Ojibwe colleague Jerilyn DeCoteau. As a member of the Indigenous Peoples Concerns Committee of Boulder Friends Meeting, Paula also created and facilitates a workshop titled, “Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples.”  Click here to read the transcript of a July 2021 keynote presentation by Paula about this work.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00        Introduction

0:00        Introduction

7:20        On collaboration and building relationships

13:45      On learning from locals 

17:54      The role of Quakers during the era of boarding schools

22:47      On the importance of listening

27:10      The process to facilitate healing

30:38      What can we do?

35:57      On reparations and right relations

36:51      Land back

42:35      How Paula is processing this current moment

48:01      How can we better tune in to our blind spots?

50:00      Where would one start to return land?

1:02:59   What would accountability partnerships look like?

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