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WF Podcast 30 – Unity is Not Unanimity

Authored by: Jonathan Stoll, colin cole, Mary Klein

In the 30th episode of the Western Friend Podcast, at the outset of the new year 2024, we travel back to 2018 to revisit a panel of speakers discussing the topic of “Unity is not Unanimity,” examining ways to keep our communities together despite disputes and disagreements within. Friends discuss:

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The "chapters" in this podcast:

00:00 Introduction

03:31 Unity is not unanimity - Example 1

06:40 Example 2

09:20 Example 3

12:35 A mindful quote

13:18 Example 4

15:08 Reflection on “Standing Aside” clause

16:07 Example 5

18:12 Example 6

20:14 Reflection on Quaker Decision Making

22:04 Overcoming ”The tyranny of the majority"

23:12 Understanding the inner voice and the divine

24:38 Dealing with conflict

25:45 Example 1

26:55 Example 2

28:36 Example 3

30:44 On separating and/or taking separate paths

45:35 On separating from something we love

47:29 On Eldering

50:55 Outro

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