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WF Podcast 29 – A Quaker Rosary

Authored by: Roscoe Mathieu, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Roscoe Matthieu is a husband, father, spiritual seeker, and member of Central Coast Friends Meeting in California. Episode 29 of the Western Friend Podcast digs deeper into the article that he wrote for the Western Friend magazine, "A Quaker Rosary."

In this podcast conversation, Matthieu explores ways that the "empty form" of a spiritual practice can open a person's awareness to a larger reality. Matthieu draws on several spiritual traditions and a deep knowledge of early Quaker writers.

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The "chapters" in this podcast:

0:00 – Introduction

1:48 – On the Rosary and his Spiritual Practice

5:40 – On Recitations

10:13 – Quieting the Mind

12:06 – The Significance of Memorizing Recitations

15:48 – On Practice and Routine

17:50 – When and Where to Practice

20:08 – Opening to Questions from the Audience

21:28 – Paradox of Structure and Freedom

23:18 – Audience Experiences

27:55 – On His Daughter’s Perceptions of the Rosary

30:00 – On Past Explorations of Spirituality and Why Quakerism

36:40 – Audience Experience

39:46 – On Robert Barclay

43:25 – Outro

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