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WF Podcast 28 – Finding Unity for Earthcare

Authored by: Keith Runyan, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Keith Runyan is a Quaker change-maker and the new General Secretary of Quaker Earthcare Witness. He is a visionary and activist, born and raised in Pacific Yearly Meeting in Northern California. In 2018, he undertook a 12-day hunger strike while traveling in the ministry to bolster awareness and action on the climate crisis and environmental justice. In Episode 28 of our podcast series, Keith shares his vision for Quaker action for earth justice.

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The "chapters" in this podcast:

0:00 Introduction

2:10 On Soul Force and Nonviolence

4:17 Upcoming Work as General Secretary of Quaker Earthcare Witness

7:12 On “Weaving"

10:38 Fasting

13:39 Example of Quaker Peace Activist David Hartsough

16:26 Spirit and Action Together

20:48 Being Grounded in Love

24:20 Artificial Intelligence

29:05 Audience Questions

31:22 Finding Unity Beyond Division

34:54 On the Pace of Movements

39:49 On Working Collectively

42:50 Advice for Business Students

47:50 Outro

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Ecology & Climate