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WF Podcast 26 – Centering Voices of the Next Generation

Authored by: Faith Cantu, Nora Cooke, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole


Keynote presentation at the 2023 Annual Session of Pacific Yearly Meeting by Sophia Faith Cantu and Nora Lisette Cooke, including audience participation in group activities for engaging with community change.

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

00:00 Episode Introduction

01:19 Panel Introduction

02:38 Plenary begins

03:13 Sofia Faith Cantu

18:51 Nora Lisette Cooke

25:10 Part 1- Acknowledge the Old

30:20 Part 2 - Consider: What holds us strong? What holds us back?

37:10 Part 3 - Active Prayer

39:10 Part 4 - Bringing in the New

47:30 “Instrument” sung together

48:35 Outro

Community , Life of the Meeting / Life of the Society , Spiritual Deepening