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WF Podcast 25 – Meeting at the Corner of Wisdom and Power

Authored by: Jonathan Stoll, colin cole, Zane Freewyn, Hazel Jordan, Adam Billen, Jane Snyder, Paul Christiansen

intergenerational panel of speakers at the 2023 Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting – in conversation on the theme, “Meeting at the Corner of Wisdom and Power.” Facilitated by Paul Christansen of Eastside Friends meeting, the panelists included:  

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

0:00     Introduction

1:20     Paul Christiansen frames the discussion

5:07     Panelists introduced

6:56     Zane Freewyn on difficulties between generations

10:36   Hazel Jordan on growing among Friends

13:55   Adam Billen on challenges to connection

17:49   Jane Snyder on being a young Friend in the 1970s

21:10   Jerry Graville on raising a family among Friends

27:00   Jane on obstacles to young adults' participation

30:23   Adam on value of "affinity group" versus broader community

32:59   Hazel on building community during a transitory time of life

36:28   Zane on the need to rebuild Junior Friends community post-Covid

38:55   Paul asks about condescension between generations

40:05   Adam on older Friends discounting younger Friends' knowledge

41:04   Zane on respectful ways of sharing knowledge

42:30   Jane on respect for each person's light as a safeguard against condescension

42:53   Jerry on learning in community

44:40   Hazel on the individual journey

45:32   Paul asks about differences and commonalities

46:45   Hazel on shift away from mass social change movements

48:09   Zane on the continuity of anti-violence and on shifts in gender politics

49:33   Jerry on developments in gender politics since the 1980s

51:02   Adam on cultural changes coming in waves

52:24   Paul asks for clarifying questions

53:10   Q&A about ways panelists learned Quaker practices and history

55:32   Q&A about entering Quaker community as newcomers

1:01:42   Paul wraps up

1:03:32   Outro

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