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WF Podcast 24 – Becoming Quakers the World Needs

Authored by: Jon Watts, Jonathan Stoll, colin cole

Keynote presentation by Quaker media producer Jon Watts to Intermountain Yearly Meeting 2023, in which he tells his story of learning more about the history and perspectives of Friends by doing his media work.

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The “chapters” in this podcast:

0:00    Introduction

1:30    Jon's start in media production

3:23    Quakers to in the era of social media

4:52    Jon's personal history

6:42    Different branches of Friends

8:38    Jon learns Quaker history

13:55  Jon's idea for Quaker Speak

15:40  Quaker Speak episode about Jay O'Hara

18:41  The wide reach of Quaker Speak

20:17  Jon's journey after Quaker Speak

21:48  Parallels between 1600s and today

27:10  Opportunity for Friends today

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Community , Life of the Meeting / Life of the Society , Quaker Publishers