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Big Pictures: Short Videos

Authored by: Erica Chenoweth, Noam Chomsky, Mary Klein, Megan Roper Phelps

A collection of talks that provide context and strategic analyses for Friends who still seek The Beloved Community in U.S.A. 2017.

Erica Chenoweth: Nonviolent Action Today

Keynote talk at AFSC Centennial, 4/25/2017 (55 min.)

Noam Chomsky: How to Deal with the Trump Presidency

Noam Chomsky at Democracy Now’s Twentieth Anniversary Celebration, 12/5/2017 (11 min.)

Mary Klein: Strategy & Spirit

A Quaker overview of various approaches to social change, 5/22/2017  (30 min.)

Megan Roper Phelps: Why I Left the Westboro Baptist Church

From a young woman who grew up in this reactionary community, wise words on loving one's enemy, 3/6/2017 (15 min.)

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